#K Transparent PVC Pallet Wrap


#K Transparent PVC Pallet Wrap
Brand:   Landy Insul-Pack
Material:  Plastic PVC

Color:  Transparent

Size:  Refer to standard pallet size, customized height

Height/cm:  120, 150, 200, Customized

Locking Mode:  Buckle/Zipper/Velcro

Top & Corner Strap:  Optional

Company LOGO:  Optional and Customize

Life Cycle:  2+ years

Reusable Pallet Wraps are an environmentally friendly reusable alternative to plastic stretch film. They are designed for use international standard pallets. The reusable pallet wrap is easier to install, saving time and money. They are ideal for moving products in the dock area or from one side of the warehouse to the other.


#Waterproof Pallet Wraps Features:

Waterproof, Rain Resistant, Dirt Resistant, Heavy Duty,Tear Resistant and Rugged.

Reusable for storage and deposit for next use.

Sizes can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

Zip or A4 clear plastic window for mounting documents.