#F Ultra Strong Reusable Pallet Wrap


#F Ultra Strong Reusable Pallet Wrap
Brand:   Landy Insul-Pack
Material:  Ultra Strong PP Mesh

Color:  Green

Size:  Refer to standard pallet size, customized height

Height/cm:  120, 150, 200, Customized

Locking Mode:   Hook & Velcro

Plastic Pocket:  Optional

Top & Corner Strap:  Optional

Company LOGO:  Optional and Customize

Life Cycle:  8 years

Ultra Srong #F Reusable Pallet Wrap Benefits

Ultra Srong #F Reusable Pallet Wrap material is UL safety certified for longevity and safety.PP Safety mesh has premium tear-resistant, antimicrobial properties, and is generally commonly used in outdoor pool covers and trampoline products.In 2019 we are innovating the use of PP Safety mesh material for pallet enclosures,… It can achieve better pallet maintenance.