#F Green Reusable Pallet Wrap


Brand: Landy Insul-Pack
Material: PP Mesh
Color: Green, Blue, Black, Transparant
Size: Refer to standard pallet size, customized height
Height/cm: 120, 150, 200, Customized
Locking Mode: Hook & Velcro
Plastic Pocket: Optional
Top & Corner Strap: Optional
Company LOGO: Optional and Customize
Life Cycle: 5+ years

The support pole can be removed

Landy Insul-Pack Reusable Pallet Wrap Benefits

Green Reusable Pallet Wrap with hook and loop and PP mesh fixing, can be perfect for strapping boxes instead of traditional film, the advantage is that the operation only need to wrap around the board to form a circle, while the film of the strapping box needs to be wrapped around the board traditionally a few times, which is a waste of time and money in the operation. #F reusable pallet wrap can be used repeatedly, disposable products compared to the The reusable pallet wrap, significantly reduces costs.