#F Blue Reusable Pallet Wrap


Brand:   Landy Insul-Pack
Material:  PP Mesh

Color:  Green, Blue, Black, Transparant

Size:  Refer to standard pallet size, customized height

Height/cm:  120, 1 50, 200, Customized

Locking Mode:   Hook & Velcro

Plastic Pocket:  Optional

Top & Corner Strap:  Optional

Company LOGO:  Optional and Customize

Life Cycle:  5+ years


The support pole can be removed

Landy Insul-Pack Reusable Pallet Wrap Benefits

A reusable pallet wrap saves at least 500 lbs of plastic stretch film waste

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Reduces the use of stretch film and shrink wrap

Reduces the cost of managing protective packaging waste

Save time packing and unpacking pallets

Stabilises and protects the RFID tracking of your shipments

Easily wrapped and unloaded from just four feet high

Better protection for plastic and cardboard boxes

Heavy-duty, weather-resistant mesh

Ventilates to reduce food spoilage

Suitable for -40°F to 180°F

Lower material costs over time

Better ergonomics for employees

Improves worker safety and machine time

Reduced landfill waste and BPA toxins

Longer life of packaging materials

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions