Metallic Foil Rolls


1.Introduction of the Aluminum foil heat insulation

The barrier properties and heat reflectivity of aluminium foil are widely used in building panels adding to the insulation performance of modern building systems. Aluminium foil is also used as a skin for heat-insulating and incombustible materials to provide high performance insulation for pipework and ducting.

Name Heat insulation resistant materials roofing membrane
Usage Industrial package
Feature Moisture Proof
Hardness Soft
Brand Name LANDY
Thickness 20 – 100 micron
Waterproof 100%
Reflectivity 95% – 97%
Color Silver
Width 50mm – 1600mm
Length 500m to 10000m/Roll
Finalproduct Roll


2.Aluminium Metalized Film Features:

High bond strength between aluminum layer and base film. Good barrier and heat sealable property.

High barrier performance (water vapor, oxygen), meeting the requirements of inflatable packaging;

Soft and strong texture, tear-resistant;


1.Building insulation material composite
Metallized film laminate with insulation materials like Bubble,Woven,Foam,Non-woven for building insulation and cold chain which can increase thermal insulation performance

2.Insulation material
Metallized film used for air duct has heat insulation effect.

3.Agricultural use of membrane
Metallized foil film used for agriculture can increase reflective and promote plants growth .

4.About us

Landy Insul-Pcak is manufacture, 6 automatic seven-layer composite material machines

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