Embossed Foil PVC Film Roll


Embossed Foil PVC Film Roll 
1.is a industrialized reinforced metalized aluminum radiant barrier,
2.6.5 mils in thickness (6.5 thousandths of an inch / .0065 inches) weighing 32 pounds per 1,000 square feet,
3.highly reflective blocking 95% of the radiant heat,
4.class A / class 1 fire rated,
5.to tear while easily cut with scissors or utility knife,
6.will not crack, delaminate, or corrode under normal intended use,
7.lightweight, easy to install and maintenance free and not affected by humidity,
8.non-toxic, on-carcinogenic, fiber-free,
9.does not support nesting by rodents or pests.

Radiant Barrier Insulation Features:

High Reflective Rate: The diamond texture improves the reflectivity up to 97%;

Ultra-durable: Made of aluminium coated PVC film and macromolecular material, this diamond film features waterproof, high temp resistant and anti-corrosion;

Easy to Clean & Store: A sealing cover in the bottom of the scroll makes it safe to store; It is waterproof that you can clean it with a wet cloth easily if it gets dirty

Wide Applications: Radiant barriers can be used in many applications to control the transfer of heat. It’s most commonly installed in the attic space to block the transfer of summer heat gain into the living spaces below the attic but is also installed in crawl spaces, flooring, as house wraps and in many other applications. By lowering the amount of heat that enters and exits a home, the home is more comfortable and heating and air conditioning units runs less often resulting in lower monthly utility bills. This film coated with aluminum paint increases the intensity of your grow lights and spreads light more evenly.It can be widely applied in your grow rooms and more if you need.


1.Interior materials such as cushioning for headliners, trunk mats and door trim.

2.Building construction

Insulating, damp-proof or waterproof roofing materials, gap adjustment materials, sealants for civil engineering and building works, foundation materials, curing boards antifreeze materials to prevent the pumping of mud on roads or railroads.

3.Industrial insulation

Insulating materials for air conditioning, HVAC or refrigeration equipment, anti-freeze materials for water pipes, insulating materials for pipes and bathtubs, moisture-proofing materials for sinks, banding substrates and gaskets.


The packaging industry uses this material to protect products because it absorbs energy and allows for different levels of cushioning protection depending on the exact density of the foam.

Landy Insul-Pcak is manufacture, 6 automatic seven-layer composite material machines

With independent import and export rights, the products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and can be exported by road/sea/railway/air freight/postal trade.