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  • EPE Box Liners

    EPE Box Liners

    Foam box liners provide the ultimate protection for transporting temperature-sensitive products such as prepared meals, chocolates, flowers, groceries, pharmaceuticals, and more. While your product is in delivery, the CoolPAC specialty foam liner provides both thermal and physical protection.

  • EPE Box Liners

    Insulated EPE Box Liners For Food

    – Light weight, foldable, easy and fast to carry. Won’t cause pressure on you.
    – High-quality materials and fine workmanship make these bags durable and can be used for a long time.
    – Widely used, can be used as insulation bag, take-out bag or be used to store snacks and other foods.

  • EPE Box Liners

    Thermal Foam Box Liner

    Waterproof Thermal box liner is the basic line of defence for frozen food, it not only ensures that the packaging keeps the product at a low temperature, but also protects it from damage.