Insulated EPE Box Liners For Food

– Light weight, foldable, easy and fast to carry. Won’t cause pressure on you.
– High-quality materials and fine workmanship make these bags durable and can be used for a long time.
– Widely used, can be used as insulation bag, take-out bag or be used to store snacks and other foods.


EPE Box Liners. Boxes not included.

Size:  4 x 5” ~23 x 18” Custom Size

Brand:  Landy Insul-Pack

Color:  Silver

Item Weight:  9.4 Ounces

MOQ 2000 pcs
3~6mm thickness EPE foam padding

Strong pressure self-seal

Made from water-resistant and tear-proof metallic material

High R-Value extra layer of film will sustain the temperature during transit

Foam box liners provide the ultimate protection for transporting temperature-sensitive products such as prepared meals, chocolates, flowers, groceries, pharmaceuticals, and more. While your product is in delivery, the EPE foam liner provides both thermal and physical protection.

EPE Foam Materials
EPE Foam Insulation is the thermal insulation which is made from synthetic polyethylene using advanced technology. Its thermal conductivity is a low as 0.30 w/mk. The structure is composed of small closed cells evenly hold tie together which make the foam to have very low permeability. Polyethylene has the property of chemical resistance, fire retardant low smoke emission nontoxic and durability.


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