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What Is The Importance Of Biodegradable Bubble Packaging?

The Importance Of BIODEGRADABLE BUBBLE PACKAGING Is Mainly Reflected In The Following Aspects:

  1. Environmental Protection: Biodegradable Bubble Packaging Is Made Of Biodegradable Materials, Compared With Traditional Plastic Bubble Bags, It Will Not Cause Pollution To The Environment, In Line With The Current Green Development Requirements. In The Increasing Emphasis On Environmental Protection Today, The Use Of This Material Can Effectively Reduce The Negative Impact On The Natural Environment And Reduce The Degree Of Pollution.

2. Functionality: Biodegradable Bubble Packaging Has Good Anti-Shock Properties, Can Protect The Courier Items From Damage, For a Variety Of Product Packaging And Transportation To Provide Effective Protection.

3. Economy: This Packaging Material Is Lightweight, Convenient For Couriers To Carry, Reducing Transportation Costs. In Addition, Some Biodegradable Bubble Packaging Can Also Be Used Multiple Times, Further Reducing The Waste Of Resources, To Achieve a Win-Win Situation Of Economic And Environmental Benefits.

4. Social Impact: With The Popularity Of E-Commerce And The Growth Of Express Delivery Business, The Use Of Express Delivery Packaging Is Also Rapidly Increasing. The Use Of Biodegradable Bubble Packaging Is Not Only Conducive To Environmental Protection, But Also Guides Consumers To Form The Concept Of Green Consumption, And Promotes The Development Of Society As a Whole In a More Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable Direction.

     In Summary, Biodegradable Bubble Packaging Is Important In Terms Of Environmental Protection, Function, Economy And Social Impact, And Is An Important Direction For The Future Development Of The Packaging Industry. 
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LANDY has two self-operated brands of ‘LANDY’, ‘LANDY’ and ‘INSUL-PACK’, and its products have passed CE, AWTA, ASTM, SGS, BSCI and other professional certifications.