Alu Thermal Insulaiton Material

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1.What is a Radiator Reflector Insulation

Heat always travels from a warm place to a cold place, and with radiators hung on the wall, it is inevitable that any heat on the wall side will be lost through the wall to the outside. In fact, 50% of the heat emitted by a radiator is directed to the wall and approximately 25% is lost through the wall!

Insulating radiators may seem like a strange concept, but it is in fact reflecting the heat emitted to the walls, reflecting more heat back into the room, reducing heat loss through the walls and improving the comfort of your living room. Radiator bubble insulation foil can reduce heat loss by up to 97% and radiators can be more than 20% more efficient.

If you want to raise the heat in your room quickly to keep it warm, then installing insulation behind your radiators will do the trick, and there’s another important reason why you should use a Radiator Reflective Insulation Sheet, it’s an economical way to reduce your heating bills and running costs in your home, fascinating isn’t it!

  1. The Radiator Reflective Insulation Sheetshould use what kind of heat insulation materials

The purpose of the Radiator Reflector is to reflect the heat from the wall back into the room.

Can I use tinfoil then?

  1. It is difficult to put this material behind the radiator. Tin foil is not hard enough to slide behind the radiator, so you have to remove the radiator from the wall to install the tin foil.
  2. tin foil wrinkles easily and looks bad. Therefore, if the radiator is located in an area where it will be seen, you will need something more aesthetically pleasing.

     Landy recommends using bubble insulation with thickness.

  1. Easy to install: hard enough, easy to slide behind the heater
  2. Beautiful and practical: for example, this pure aluminum bubbleinsulation material, the surface is multi-layer pure aluminum, the reflectivity is up to 97%, not easy to wrinkle, the sandwich bubble core can stop 2% of the heat, the work efficiency is very high.

Should I make my own or buy a Radiator Reflective Insulation Sheet online?

There are a number of companies that sell Radiator Insulation Sheets online, some of which sell multi-packs of Radiator Reflective Insulation Sheets such as three or five packs for insulation. The problem with these Radiator Insulation Sheets is that they are standard sizes and do not fit your particular radiator, so there may be large areas exposed or they may be too small.

In addition the material can be very cheap, made using cheap bubble wrap and/or polyester film (a plastic coated with aluminum foil) that mostly doesn’t work.

DIY radiator insulation is a good option

Just get good quality reflective insulation, as many of them can be cut with scissors or a sharp blade, so you don’t need specialized tools. You can customize the reflector to fit your radiator perfectly, and it couldn’t be easier to make!

    Do reflective aluminum bubble insulation radiator have any negative effects from prolonged exposure to heat?

    There is no problem with choosing a good quality reflective insulation materials, as good quality insulation is made from pure aluminum, reflects 97% of radiant heat, and importantly has a Class 1 fire rating and is made from recyclable materials, making it safe to use.Landy brand insulation meets or exceeds these standards!

    LANDY has two self-operated brands of ‘LANDY’, ‘LANDY’ and ‘INSUL-PACK’, and its products have passed CE, AWTA, ASTM, SGS, BSCI and other professional certifications.