RB Pallet Covers



RB pallet cover incorporates many of the advantages of our radiant barrier into a useful and beneficial product to help safeguard your valuable goods. Our new pallet covers are made from our tested radiant barrier and feature all stitched seams to achieve ultimate strength and durability. These pallet covers can be used for both disposable and reusable applications.

97% Reflectivity, 3% Emissivity

Material: 5 Sides Alu+Woven+Alu
Thickness : 135μm
Weight: 140g/㎡
97% Reflectivity, 3% Emissivity

Material: 5 Sides Alu+Woven+Alu
Thickness : 135μm
Weight: 140g/㎡
Safety Temperature Range 2-8°C or 15-25°C
Reusable & Portable
Less Than 50% Product Mass
100% Moisture-proof


Customizable printing (minimum order quantity for each printing is 15) and custom sizes are available. Please call+86-13570701159 for inquiries.

Four size ranges to fit British pallets.

小:120(l)x 100(w)x 50cm(h)。

中:120(l)x 100(w)x 100cm(h)。

大:120(l)x 100(w)x 150cm(h)。

X大:120(l)x 100 x 200cm(h)。

Material: Aluminum Foil + Radiant Barrier + Aluminum Foil

Radiant barriers consist of a highly reflective material, radiant barrier is fiber-reinforced to increase durability and ease of handling. The thickness is double-sided approximately 6.5 mils in thickness (6.5 thousandths of an inch / .0065 inches), reflects (blocks) 97% of the radiant heat

Landy-Inspack factory, established in 2006, headquartered in Guangzhou with a subsidiary in Yangjiang, is a comprehensive manufacturer that combines design, printing, production processing, and complete service. It specializes in customized production of pallet covers, thermal bags, box liners, container liners, insulation sheets, thermal covers, and plant thermal covers to meet the unique requirements of its customers.


CUSTOM PROCESS】The production and manufacturing process and duration.
A. Please provide information on the type and materials of the cover or packaging bag.
B. Specify the specifications and models.
C. Design and sample the plan. Upon confirmation of satisfaction with the sample by the consumer, proceed with large-scale production.
D. Sign the contract and pay the deposit to purchase raw materials for production and processing. E. After production and processing is complete, photographs will be taken and the remaining payment will be made prior to delivery.
F. The customization time will be determined by the production difficulty and quantity, with a general period of seven to ten working days.

The thermal pallet covers provide excellent protection from external elements, and the below graph shows the performance over 24 hours with the outer temperature at over 35°C.