Portable Solar Cooker


Portable Solar Cooker

Unfolded size: 75*40*50 cm

Folded size: 50cm*40cm*3cm

Net weight 0.35kg

Packaging 52*42*5 cm

Working time: Sunny

Average temperature: 80°F – 104°F

Maximum temperature: 248°F
While camping, you have lots of inspiring things to do, but instead you sit by the stove cooking and waiting for the food to be ready. Preparing food wastes a lot of time when you could otherwise be enjoying sightseeing or visiting nearby places.

The portable solar cooker is affordable but effective and works great in areas with lots of sunlight. The structure is very simple, well-made, and the product details are quality-checked. You can use it to heat already cooked food, eggs, bread and other foods that are easy to cook and heat.

Product advantages:
no power consumption, long service life, no environmental pollution, simple structure, light weight, easy to carry, is a very practical energy-saving solar thermal rice bag! Solar thermal rice bag not only has the function of heating rice, but also can be folded into a shoulder bag when going out, can be used as a cushion when sitting on the ground, can be used as an umbrella when it rains, and of course can be used as a parasol. Protective