Attic Tent


The Attic Cover by The Landy Insul-Pack is comprised of double bubble / XPE / EPE / Radiant Foil. This radiant foil is known to reflect away up to 96 -97% of radiant heat. When installed in an attic stairway opening, The Attic Cover will reflect heat away from the attic opening, while completely sealing the gaps along a traditional attic door.

Reference Size:
Small:  24″x54″x12″

Standard (most popular):  26″x54″x12″ .

Large:  30″x54″x15″

Extra Large:  30″x60″x15”

Small Tall: 24″x54″x16″

Standard Tall:  26″x54″x16″

Full Door:  32″x80″x06″

Large Full Door:  36″x82″x06”

Standard Scuttle Hole:  24 “x42 “x06″

Small Hatch:  20″x20″x15″

Medium Hatch:  24″x24″x15”

Large Hatch :  22″x30″x15”

The Attic Stairway Insulator when installed properly is helps reduce energy loss from the attic opening. The Thermometer measurements shows The Attic Cover’s effectiveness.

Attic Cover Kits Comes With:
PE Bag, Installation Instruction, Manual Nailer & Nails(optional), Aluminum Foil Tape(optional)

Stop Dirty Attic Air From Entering the Home Through the Attic Door. Leaky Attic Doors Let Bugs, Dust,Heat and Allergens into the Home

Pure Aluminum Thermal conductivity (GB/T 10295-2008) 0.033 W/m-k
Aluminum Foil Thermal Conductivity (GB/T 10295-2008) 0.028 W/m-k
Pure Aluminum Double Bubble R Value(ASTM C518-15) 0.0925㎡/KW
Foil Aluminum Double Bubble R Value(ASTM C518-21) 0.161 ㎡/KW
XPE Foam Thermal Conductivity(ASTM C518-2010) 0.049 W/m-k
XPE Foam R-Value 0.1337 ㎡/KW

How to Install Landy Attic Cover:
Step 1: Open the attic access and fit the attic cover into place. Ensure the sloped zipper part is in the direction of entry to enable easier access when unzipped.
Step 2: Once put properly in place, staple the insulation cover to the wood frame of the attic entry every 4-6 inchs all the way around leaving little to no air leaks.

Step 3: Your attic access is now properly insulated restricting air flow in and out of the attic. Leave zipper completely closed when not in use to ensure no air leaks.