Alu Thermal Insulaiton Material

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  1. Maintaining Temperature: Insulated box linerare effective in keeping food or other items warm, especially over longer periods of time. This is particularly useful in situations where food needs to be kept warm without heating equipment, such as during picnics, traveling or business trips.

2.Preserving Food: The special material inside the insulated box linerslows down the rate of spoilage and keeps food fresh and flavorful. This is particularly useful in situations where perishable foods need to be kept for long periods of time

3.Refrigerated Food: While insulated box liner are primarily used for keeping food warm, they can also be used to refrigerate food. By placing food in an insulated box liner and adding ice or a condenser, the freshness of the food can be extended.

4.Protecting fragile items: The soft sponge material inside insulated box linercushions impacts and protects fragile items such as ceramic pots and pans.

5.Convenient to carry: Insulated box linerare usually lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry anywhere, such as picnics, outdoor activities, traveling, etc.

6.Waterproof and oilproof: Insulated box linerusually have waterproof and oilproof materials, which can keep clean and hygienic and avoid contamination of food or other items.

7.Personalized design: Some insulated box linercan be personalized, such as printed with personalized patterns or slogans to increase their beauty and fun.

In short, insulated box liner is a very practical tool that can help to keep the temperature and freshness of food and other items, easy to carry, protect fragile items, and has the characteristics of waterproof and oil-proof and personalized design.

LANDY has two self-operated brands of ‘LANDY’, ‘LANDY’ and ‘INSUL-PACK’, and its products have passed CE, AWTA, ASTM, SGS, BSCI and other professional certifications.