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What is reflective foil insulation?

Reflective foil insulation is an innovative foil with a foam backing. This foil reflects heat so it can be easily kept inside or transferred outside. Reflective foil insulation is mainly used in areas such as attics and roofs. However, it can also be used in smaller areas such as behind radiators or windows. The difference lies in the size and shape you purchase.

What is reflective foil window insulation?

Simply put, it is a highly reflective aluminum foil with a bubble core that is applied to the window to reflect rather than absorb the sun’s rays. Covering the windows in the summer prevents heat from entering the room, thus making it cooler. These insulated windows reflect heat from inside and outside the home, and in the winter keep the heating system working properly by preventing the heat inside from escaping through the windows.

How does reflective foil sheet work?

Heat always goes to the coldest part of the house. Reflective film has a layer of aluminum foil that reflects heat back into the open space. This means that the heat is directed back in the direction of the heat source. When this reflective insulation is used on windows in the summer, the room is not heated by the sun’s energy because the energy is reflected away. When you use it in winter, the heat in the room won’t dissipate out of the window and be wasted!

How to use reflective insulation on windows

The installation process is very simple, simply apply the foil directly to the window frame after measuring and cutting to size.

STEP 1 Measure each window.

 Starting on the inside of the window, use a tape measure to measure and record the length along the top of the window frame since the foil will be installed from the inside.

Heat flows from inside to outside in the winter and from outside to inside in the summer, so measurements should be taken from the outside of the window in the summer.

Step 2. Cut the aluminum foil sheet.

Place the foil paper or roll of aluminum foil on a flat surface such as a workbench. Measure out the entire size of the window on the foil and then use a marker to make small cutting guide marks on it. Then, carefully cut along these points with scissors or a hobby knife. Generally, it’s best to leave a few extra centimeters when measuring, as you can always trim off the excess aluminum foil .

Step 3.Wipe the window clean

It also comes with a little adhesive Velcro,one to your window, one to the reflective sheet

Then you can put on and take it off as you want to use it.

Clean off the area where they are going to put those stickers.

Step 4. Install the Reflective aluminum foil sheet

Both stickers are attached to one side of the insulation as shown in the picture. This way, when I put the insulation on the window, then the a velcro sticker matching side on the window.

Take it off its nice and strong those two.

The aluminum foil sheet of reflective insulation works best because it can be easily peeled off when not needed. It can be applied to the outside of the window and then peeled off in the spring when it’s warm and appropriate and when you want the sunlight to come in.

LANDY has two self-operated brands of ‘LANDY’, ‘LANDY’ and ‘INSUL-PACK’, and its products have passed CE, AWTA, ASTM, SGS, BSCI and other professional certifications.