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Considerations For Reflective Foil Insulation Installation

Reflective insulation, or “foil insulation,” regulates temperatures by keeping unwanted heat out. This type of insulation has an exterior reflective surface, usually made from aluminum, that helps reflect radiant heat away from the home. Radiant barrier insulation is an effective choice in warmer climates.

Reflective foil insulation can be a key component in designing a home that is eco-friendly and cost effective. It is often installed beneath roofs and in attic spaces to keep hot outdoor weather from impacting indoor temperatures. Reflective barrier insulation protects against 95% to 97% of unwanted radiant heat. This type of insulation also offers some protection against condensation.

Follow these considerations when installing insulation, and you’ll have a house that’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

1.There needs to be a gap (called “dead air space”) between your reflective barrier and the next layer of insulation. The dead air space keeps hot and cool temperatures separate, effectively maintaining the temperature and preventing condensation.

Reflective roll insulation can be layered with other forms of insulation to increase the R-value and add other Function.Reflective thermal insulation typically has a thicker mid-layer made of air bubbles or PE foam . Bubble foil insulation  increase the R-value and maintains a Class B1 Fire Rating. EPE foil insulation 、XPE Foil insulation reduces condensation and  add sound insulation. These features can be particularly helpful in using reflective insulation to meet building code requirements.

2.Thermal installation technicians should use high-quality aluminum foil tape to prevent heat leakage along the edges of the material. This is a crucial step in installation and can impact your insulation’s effectiveness.

3.This type of insulation is non-toxic, meaning the installation process is safe and simple. This eliminates the need for safety equipment during installation, making the entire process faster and doesn’t require residents to vacate the space.

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